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IDR 6.600.000,-

LMP2 is a proper motorsport inspired sim racing rig which has lead the way of local sim racing rig market since GT-Sim.ID introduced it in 2019. Throughout the years LMP2 has evolved multiple times based on ours experience & professionals feedback making it undoubtedly one of the best in class. With its compact tubular structure & complete driving position adjustment. On top of proper motorsport derived driving ergonomics. LMP2 has all the perks of high end sim racing rig with reasonable price tag. It also comes with numerous add-on mounts for your extra sim racing accessories to fit the need both for professionals & new sim racers.



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November, 5th 2020

Rig nya poll rigid dan untuk yg merakit sendiri cukup mudah karena ada panduan pemasangan yg jelas:>